Kinds Of Speed Camera

By Ben Walsh

There are many different cameras patrolling the road which may all have a very different way of delivering a speeding fine to unlucky drivers. The following, attempts to clear up what they are and how they're built to issue a ticket. Please be aware there are other techniques that the police force will use but I want to outline the most applicable.

Current Speeding Cameras

The Gatso

The most widely recognized of all various cameras now in action, The Gatos will become effective whenever you go in to the speeding trap i.e. The white lines you drive over as you drive away from the camera. A radar beam is projected on to the vehicle which tracks The speed and if you are over the road limit two photos are taken to make sure the clarity under all circumstances.

The Truvelo

The Truvelo is a forward facing camera, the concept behind this is it is better to make a prosecution if you have a image of the driver as well as the license. Not like the Gatso that has a flash and is therefore considered hazardous for forward facing photos, the Truvelo uses infrared technology for an unseen flash. This joined with under road pressure loops that sense a cars speed on approach with no prior warning to you make this an incredible camera. You may never know you have been seenuntil it is too late!

Specs Camera

The specs cameras are basically used to enforce a speeding restriction spanning a stretch of road usually a motorway or dual carriage way, this utilizes plate recognition software and has 2 cameras mounts together both with infra red so that they can work both night and day. They're set up periodically along the stretch of road and your vehicle is timed as to just how long it takes to go between the established points, creating basically a speed controlled section.

Peek Speed camera

Not very talked-about compared with its very similarcompetitor the Gatso uses either radar or underground speed loops to estimate the rate of passing cars. Like the Gatso it works via a flash picture taken as the driver is moving away from the camera.

Hand-held Speeding Camera

There are 3 preferred speeding cameras used currently Them being teletraffic, mini Gatso and the TSS system. The teletraffic is the conventional laser pointer, usually pointed at the license plate of the vehicle as the coating on it is a good reflective surface. The beam is rebounded back to the camera giving a speed reading. The mini Gatso is pretty much what it says on the tin, a smaller version of the Gatso (see above) and the TSS is a fixed road side sensor device in which a police unit can plug in to whenever they need and take recordings of vehicles .

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