Manufacturing Production Lines Automotive

By Nichol Potts

These days, it's usually pretty easy to get whatever you need. When you need something you just get in the car and drive to the nearest Wal-Mart or Target and sooner or later you have whatever is was that you needed. Usually you never stop to consider whatever it was that you just purchased is made. That is unless you watch some shows on television that explains the process.

However, even if you worked in a factory that manufactures whatever it was that you purchased, you probably don't have a complete understanding of the way that the whole product was manufactured. The reason for this is that in today's factories they use production or assembly or lines. These are the lines where workers produce or assemble only a single part of the entire product.

Sometimes a worker will only work on that one part, one day after the next, one year after the next. Therefore, although somebody might work for numerous in a factory that manufactures a certain product, they may never have a complete understanding of what goes into the manufacture of that product from beginning to end.

Everybody has seen assembly or production lines, either in the movies such as the famous chocolate factory scene from the I Love Lucy series or Charlie Chaplain's movie Modern times or in documentaries. However, one of the most complex and interesting and products that have ever been manufactured on an assembly or production line is trucks and automobiles.

The automotive production lines have revolutionized the American way of life as well as the automotive industry. They made the manufacture of automobiles more efficient and effective. As a result of the increased efficiency and effectiveness, the cost to manufacture an automobile decreased significantly and when the manufacturing costs were reduced, so too was the retail price of automobiles. This reduction in price reduction meant more people could afford to purchase an automobile for themselves. In addition, as a result of the numerous workers that were required to man the production lines, there were an untold number of Americans who moved off of their farms and into the big cities, which transformed the economy into one based on manufacturing as opposed to being based on agriculture. Simultaneously, the good benefits and relatively high wages that were provided by the manufacturers of automobiles helped to pull numerous families into the middle class of America, which changed America's social structure forever.

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