The Navman MY60T GPS Taking A Deeper Look At Its Features

By Fallu Ahmed

With regards to the range, the Navman MY60T is designed with a resistive touchscreen of 4.7 or 5 inch screen which is readable in bright sunlight. Yet another excellent thing about this GPS system as compared to various other units is the fact that you won't have to learn how to wire the device through the mount since it is not needed.

In order to gain access to the primary menu on this GPS unit, you need to turn on the physical Menu button. This will take you to a selection of icons which allow you to perform different functions. Of course, if you have no idea what your location is simply push a button and you'll discover your present location. And when you locate your current location you will also find all your other recent destinations as well.

In order to change your setting you merely need to tap the map screen and you can make any adjustments you have to make. You will find your existing route in this particular screen. Not to mention similar to other GPS systems you can actually zoom in and also have the system choose another route.


The Lane guidance is very useful if you are new in the area and are not sure about how exactly the traffic flows.

Junction view means that you can discover when you should expect a junction ahead and prepare to slow down.

This device also comes with a dusk sensor, so when it gets to be night time and your still driving the system will readjust the brightness automatically.

Since you can't keep looking at the screen when your driving you will find a vocal mode that lets you know when you are coming up to school zones.

You are also able to look at another route as needed, because this unit will tell you where traffic might be grid locked or even totally stopped.

You may enjoy 3D landmarks and junction views but be ready for any abrupt route view interferences brought on by skyscrapers.

Negative Aspects

The Navteq Australia road maps that the Navman My60T makes use of covers lane guidance only on key interstate exits and intersections. And due to this, you might only see your location without any roads.

This device comes with a reset switch at the top of the device in order to reset quickly. It will require less than a minute for a complete start up or reboot so that you aren't required to sit there for a long time waiting for a reboot.

Nearly all of Navman MY60Ts functions are fast and simple to access. Even so, its transitions and animations can be considerably slow and you may have to fiddle with it a bit. Looking for a different route can also take some time with this unit. Although many people could care less, there are those men and women who are always in a rush and for those individuals this may be a dilemma.

The fact that this device is pretty much similar to any other unit when it comes to choosing the actual route, kind of takes a little bit away from the uniqueness of this unit. What's more, it prefers major highways and the routes aren't always the fastest options.


This device provides most of the popular features of some of the bigger units, nevertheless the fact that it actually is a smaller sized device makes this one of my favorite features. In short this is a good device with a good price.

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