Preparation Tips Before Sailing

By Nia Lawrence

Sailing at sea, no matter if it's for sport or a recreational activity, is a very difficult task. Just imagine being faced with a lot of dangers for the fun and excitement that it may bring. Dangers are an inevitable part of sailing in the ocean. Your boat may capsize; you may stumble upon a dangerous sea animal such as a shark; or weather conditions might not work on your favor. Still, you can lessen the impact of these dangers if you come well-prepared and well-equipped with advanced marine equipment such as the Raymarine st70. This kind of device may report essential sea data such as weather conditions, direction of sea breeze, and depth of water below. Modern marine gadgets nowadays can also provide entertainment: you can watch TV via satellite or a DVD movie, or play a video game. There are certainly several benefits if you install these state-of-the-art marine gadgets.

Before you sail, it is important to prepare all the things necessary for your trip. Have a checklist of what needs to be done, such as preparing the boat, installing marine equipment, and organizing your things. A must-include in the list is checking if all parts of the boat are working properly: boat shackles or gyve; the wind pennant, boom, mast and sails; fitting connections such as bolts and screws; control lines; rudder, tiller, tiller extension, and centerboard. Also, inspect the ports and bring a box of spares (for mast fittings, shackles, etc.) and your sailing gear.

Next is to focus your mind to sailing; mentally prepare for what lies ahead. While it can be considered a very essential part of a water journey, mental training is ignored a lot of times. Sailors must thoroughly prepare their minds before going out to sea. When faced with stress and pressure, a sailor oftentimes succumbs to worries, fear, and nervousness. If uncontrolled, these are emotions that can affect the sailor's presence of mind and his capability to perform effectively. Because a sailor is faced with a lot of pressures while at sea, he must practice stress management to be able to perform effectively. Stress is in how the person sees the situation. There are a lot of ways to manage stress; no single formula applies to all because each of us has unique stress coping mechanisms. Some of the stress management methods include relaxing muscles (tightening and loosening muscles to release some tension); controlling breathing (taking deep and slow inhales and exhales); and simulations (training in similar conditions).

Boat preparation is the last but not the least tip on our list. One must have all things properly prepared and all devices properly set up before going out on his journey. Take note of your boat's layout and its overall appearance and design. Also inspect sails, hulls, fittings, and foils. Similarly, do a fine-tuning for your boat before your journey.

Sit back, relax, and fully enjoy your water journey without worrying much about your safety. Prepare your things beforehand; train yourself physically and mentally; and install some top-of-the-line marine gadgets such as the Raymarine AIS. Proven dependable and high-quality, these marine gadgets will ensure your safety while at sea. And then you're all set, so bon voyage!

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