Protect Your Rights, Get A Lancaster Truck Accident Attorney

By Katherine Liebermann

A Lancaster truck accident attorney will work very hard to protect your rights and will fight to help you and your loved ones get the just compensation which you are entitled to to help pay for medical expenses, lost pay, and also emotional and physical pain and suffering. In addition to the hazards of accidents which involve commercial trucks, there are additional issues that must be taken into consideration. Liability may not lie with the driver alone - the trucking company is often liable for its drivers. Nevertheless, there may be jurisdictional issues, as the trucking company may reside in one state, the truck driver in another and the collision in another. It's very important to find an attorney skilled in dealing with commercial trucking accidents, and to begin gathering details right away, to preserve evidence (that could be lost or destroyed, like a company or driver tampering with the truck's record, for instance).

A truck accident is among the most devastating road accidents all over the United States Of America, mainly due to the fact that trucks are enormous compared to other vehicles on the roads. We simply cannot deny the fact that whenever a large object struck a small one, the smaller vehicle will definitely suffer the most serious physical injuries. On the other hand, the truck vehicle, its driver and any passenger, will have higher chances of survival since the protection of the truck is a lot more intact than that of the smaller vehicle.

In trucking accidents, liability for personal injuries to a car's driver, passenger or pedestrian is decided by properly examining every piece of information involved in the accident, including the truck's log. State laws give legal rights to those seriously injured in a commercial trucking accident that occurs because of the fault or negligence of the trucker or trucking company.

What causes truck accidents? Research says that "drivers of big trucks and various other vehicles involved in truck accidents are ten times more likely to be the reason for the accident than some other factors, like weather, road conditions, and vehicle performance." Since truck drivers spend long hours behind the wheel, fatigue and insufficient sleep can be factors that contribute to crashes. Drivers could be distracted, their skills may be not enough for the rig or road conditions, or they might be operating a vehicle while impaired by drugs or alcohol.

A Lancaster truck accident attorney knows a lot more than a regular vehicle attorney regarding the regulations that every truck driver and truck company must abide by. Not only must they follow the same rules of the street that we do, but there are strict rules on the amount of time they're allowed to be driving, and the truck itself should have log records. Should there be a breech in any of these, you may then be compensated not just for compensatory damages, but punitive ones too. It will be the job of your truck accident attorney to discover the facts, and speak to the attorneys on the opposite side of the table.

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