Row Boat Plans-Things To Consider

By Martin Reid

So you want to build your own row boat and that is a great project for you to tackle. You need to know though that there are specific things that should be included in the plans to make the row boat easy to maneuver and to handle properly. With a row boat there are a pair of oars connected to the boat fitted into a metal ring then the person pulls on the oars through the water to make the boat move so this would make a row boat different than a paddle boat. There are some specifics which need to be considered when building a row boat and they are as follows.

Waterline Beam- There is a balance of the waterline beam which is the width of the boat. When the width is too narrow then a person could fall out quite easily and if the boat would be caught in some waves which are too high then that will slow the boat down somewhat.

1. WATERLINE BEAM-The waterline beam has to have a balance of the width of the boat. When you build the boat with the width too narrow the boat will be tippy and the people in the boat will have trouble when some winds come up. There is a possibility that they could fall out quite easily. Then if it is built with the waterline beam too high it will cut the speed which you are able to travel to be much slower.

2. FREEBOARD-This is the height which is above the waterline of the boat. You need to have a good height with the proportion in the size of the boat. If the freeboard is much too high then the rower would have some difficulty in controlling the boat when it becomes windy and they are in the middle of the lake. When the freeboard is too low then the water will come over the top and you will have some water in the bottom of the row boat. This could happen when the waves are only moderately high so the freeboard is very important and getting it just right.

Length and width ratio-If you want the perfect dimensions of a boat then when the structure needs some stability a boat should be longer so that it will also be much easier to row and to keep it on course where you want to go. The ratio is so important then and it is very imperative that this rule is followed to keep it safe and easy to handle. The plan for a row boat for the ratio should be 1-4 width/length ratio. That is the ratio for most row boats and that will keep the boat on an even keel.

There you have some of the specific rules to follow when you are endeavoring to find some row boat plans. You will find that building a row boat on your own will be the most rewarding thing that you have done for yourself and just visualize yourself out on the water rowing like mad. That will be worth the work involved when you were making it.

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