Selecting the Best Type of Tonneau Cover for your Pickup Truck

By Kevin Carter

To be able to protect your cargo that are placed on the truck bed and your pickup truck, as a truck owner you should provide your truck with a tonneau cover. Apart from the security it provide for your truck contents, a tonneau cover could also offers protection against the elements like rain, snow, dust plus it allows you to have big savings in fuel. The cheapest option for any truck bed cover is soft tonneau type. So if you care enough for your cargo and not making it exposed to thieves and robbers, purchasing a tonneau cover are a great idea. However, if you want a more secure cover, it is best to consider buying a hard tonneau cover.

There are two most preferred options for tonneau covers for pickup trucks; the hard tonneau and the retractable tonneau cover. The hard tonneau covers are considered by many as one of the most popular types of truck bed cover. This is particularly true especially for truck owners who want to customize their trucks and make it a standout among the many others. However, for those who don't want frills and only want their truck covers for utility, there are also models available for this purpose.

Hard tonneau covers are used to provide security for your cargo. It locks the bed rail while these are wrapped all over the top giving no chances for thieves to get anything from your truck. But, when you are carrying a huge cargo, these types of covers are difficult to remove as you to have to take away the cover completely in order to get full access to your bed particularly when your load is taller than the top of your bed.

Taking out the covers aren't as easy as it seems simply because these hard tonneaus weigh in excess of 100 lbs so there is no way that it can be removed faster as you can. However if looks and security is what you want most, then it is ideal to purchase a hard tonneau covers; yet only when you don't need to haul huge and tall cargoes.

The retractable covers function similarly like your rolling garage door. But when fitted on your truck bed, they are operated manually with the use of pull strap and are closed by locking at several positions including the end of the tailgate. These types of truck covers are made of panels that are constructed out of resilient material such as aluminum but it doesn't work as hard and as rigid as the hard tonneau covers like the ford tonneau covers.

Some retractable tonneau covers may work easily with the use of remote control device, but whether the cover is opened by hand or by remote, it may only takes a few seconds to get full and unobstructed access to your truck bed to load a cargo in less time.

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