Small Fishing Boats-3 of the Best Small Boats

By Martin Reid

When you have this need to go fishing and you are on a budget then these small fishing boats are something which you should consider. They are affordable as most of the boats available today will cost you megga bucks and these are only a few hundred. Need another reason ? They are so easy to manage either in the water or when you have to transport them because of their light weight.

These boats are definitely smaller than the other ones so only one or two people can sit comfortably in them but that should not be any problem as many anglers would prefer to fish on their own anyway. They like to get away from the crowds and enjoy some peace and quiet. These boats are inflatable but they are of the very highest quality made so they are safe and sturdy enough for you to use for many years.

1. Explorer Kayaks- These kayaks are inflatable but because they are so light weight they are easy to maneuver and get around in. You can carry them quite easily form one fishing spot to another or if you have to climb over some rugged terrain then this is the small boat to have. These specific kayaks are made from a material which is of durable 1,000 denier polyester-supported high pressure fabric. This type of boat can carry two people but it really is better if only one person goes in it.

Second is the FRAMELESS PONTOONS- Frameless pontoons are very lightweight very rugged and when you want to venture onto a small lake river or pond you would not be disappointed with this type of boat. If you are a person who prefers fishing alone this would be a good choice for you. If you have to carry your boat any distance this one only weighs approximately 40 pounds so it is easily transported quite a ways.

3. The FoldCat Pontoon- Of all the fishing boats which are on the market this one is the best choice especially if more than one person would like to go fishing together. Compared to the other two boats this one is the biggest and will carry two people easily but will also hold up to four. With this boat you are completely out of the water so you will not have to worry about getting wet all the time. With the other ones your legs hang down in the water. This pontoon is also made from the same material as the first one so it will last for many many years of fishing pleasure. It might be the largest of the three but it is still very manageable to carry quite comfortably.

Now which one would be the best one for you to buy. If you prefer to catch small mouth bass or trout then you would purchase either the explorer kayak or the frameless pontoon. If large mouth bass would be your choice then the frameless pontoon or Foldcat would be the one for you. The reason being because of the different water that you will find yourself in, reeds etc.

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