Some Great Car Buying Tips

By Morten Hansen

Don't be scared to haggle. I've got some purchasing a car tips that will help you to gain the advantage when you go to purchase your next auto. Car dealerships wish to take your funds and you don't have to give it all away! Get a auto on YOUR terms.

1. Leasing a car will lose you cash --There are few eventualities where leasing a car seems sensible. But vehicle sales representative will try and persuade you to lease an auto with low monthly payments. Don't fall for this trick.
2. Don't pay the doc charge --If they tell you you need to pay the doc fee, wait till the end when you are about to sign, and then tell them that you would like them to take off the fee or else you will walk! Be prepared to walk!
3. Do not let them switch cars on you --A great secret's to try to get you into a different vehicle than the one you came to look at. Why? Because they know you did the study on the auto you came to the lot for. Do not let them switch cars on you, or you can lose cash and still not be in the vehicle you wanted!
4. You don't have to finance with the dealership. Shop around for the hottest deal. It could be time-intensive nevertheless it can save you money.
5. Don't play the trade-in game. Don't try and hold the trade until the very end. They know it's coming and are prepared for it.
6. Do not make buddies. The salesperson might like the same football team that you do, could have sweet youngsters in his photo and might tell funny jokes. But also he is going to take your dollars. Do not let yourself get befriended by folks you won't ever see again. Be all business.
7. Do not buy on the first trip. This is a fundamental rule. If you think that you have a great deal, return home and research it. You can always buy the following day.

These buying a car tips will help you to gain the upper hand the next time you are at the car dealership.

But there are many other tricks reserved. Some vehicle purchasers are so fearful of haggling that they're going to go to "no-haggle" car lots and lose many thousands of bucks purchasing insanely expensively priced cars!

What you should remember is that used and new car chiefs and sales rep are constantly coming up with more ways to get more money out of you.

In this fighting economy, they're selling less cars and are desperate. But this implies that they are going to try to get the most out of every single customer! Be certain, that now vehicle lots are pulling out each trick in the book to get you in a new car at a price you shouldn't be paying.

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