Some Of The Most Valuable Tools Aboard Your Vessel

By Nia Lawrence

Electronic marine devices play very important roles in marine navigation. Not only do they make navigation a lot more convenient, but they also make the sea a safer place to travel. Each sailor has his own favorite marine device that he believes makes his job at sea a lot less difficult. The problem with having favorites, though, is that it makes you forget that other marine devices you own are as equally important as well. And the funny part is that some of the devices that are often disregarded are actually the ones that offer the most help at times.

The boat tiller is number one on the list. Yes, most sea vessels today make use of steering wheels instead of tillers to control the rudder. However, if you are still using a tiller for your boat, you have to understand that this small device is the one that actually controls the whole course of your ship. The Raymarine st1000 is just among the top tiller pilots of today that you should consider having. Aside from having an AutoTack feature, it also has an AutoSeaState feature that eliminates the problem with many boat tillers today, and that is to keep the boat on track while consuming very little energy.

Another small but very essential marine gadget you shouldn't ignore is the transducer. A transducer can either be a 'through hull' or an 'in hull' transducer. Most marine transducers are used mainly for finding game fish. However, modern transducers are designed not just for detecting the presence of fish, but also measuring water depth. Some models can even measure the speed of your boat, record the temperature, and even send out an alarm if it senses that you're passing through shallow water. If you're looking for a transducer that has all these features, try the Raymarine st40 through hull transducer.

Finally, you have the autopilot, a marine device that controls the ship without assistance from the captain. Regardless of how cool this device may seem to most people, there are still sailors who believe autopilots are not a real necessity since they can only keep a ship on course for a limited time. However, you cannot deny the fact that having an autopilot installed in your boat's system will significantly reduce the amount of energy and effort you exert in manually steering your boat. Testimonies of a number of sailors would also tell you how this little piece of control device has helped them during emergency situations at sea.

Every single electronic device you have on your boat has an important role to play in order to keep you and your passengers safe, so regardless of their size and limited features, it is still a good idea to consider having them on board.

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