Tackiest Dcor For Your Vehicle

By Sali Winchester

Grab the fluffy dice it is time to kit out your car in the tackiest dcor ever. Nothing is tackier than fluffy dice though now they are considered a retro item, so are somehow both tacky and cool depending on your point of view.

A glitter ball dangling from your rear view mirror comes next in the term of tackiness, just a fraction behind the fluffy dice. Plus trying not to get distracted by them has caused many an accident. Add a pine magic tree for maximum effect.

If you have the confidence, spray your car pink, but if you haven't got the guts to go totally pink accessorize it in pink instead. Even the guys are doing it now getting in touch with their female side. Next on the list of tacky colours is 'ASBO yellow', which is still extremely popular on some sink-hole UK housing estate. Despite the fact that ASBO's are no longer handed out the bright yellow favoured by slightly bonkers young men still remains popular and is still known by that name.

Vehicle seat covers can make an auto look really tacky. We're thinking Winnie the Pooh or maybe worse seat covers with the names of you and your beloved embroidered in flower shaped letters.

Steering wheel grips look tacky full stop. However if you must have one it's got to be pink or animal print or if you can find it, leather with gold embossed letters spelling out 'Hot Ride'. Anything else will not only be tacky, but will also look like you are driving your Grandfather's car.

Sharon and Craig stickers are great if tacky is what you are looking for. Any combination of names looks tacky and it does not matter which country in the world you live in this is always the case. However, if you want to be ironic go for the Sharon and Craig combination even if your names are Alexander and Monica.

Remember tacky isn't cool, well okay, it could be, that is where irony comes into it but to be ironic you've got to mean it and go the whole hog. Kit your car out in all the above and then add flames on the doors and bonnet to ensure you get as tacky as possible.

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