The Toyota Prius: The Hybrid Car Standard

By George Trunyan

Toyota has been one of the major car manufacturers for a considerable time. Their popularity and respect have only increased with their venture into hybrid vehicles. The Prius is the standard-bearer of hybrids, and presently on its third generation, while many car companies haven't even produced their first. Simply because of its affordability and astounding fuel economy, the Prius became the most popular vehicle of our time. The Prius additionally had a large amount of appeal as a result of excellent tailpipe emissions. All hybrid cars possess some form of electric motor and gas-powered internal combustion engine. This model is what allows this hybrid to get lower emissions than regular cars, along with a much higher fuel economy.

Toyota built their reputation on reliability and continues to do so with the Prius. The hybrid motors by Toyota continue to be a good value despite the fact that they are used. There were once concerns for the hybrid car's longevity but to date, it's been proven durable. A potential downside is the cost of repairs can be high in the long term due to the unique engine. The Prius has not undergone any major design alterations as it continues to be a four-door hatchback that sits five people.

A 1.8-liter gas engine, generating 98 horsepower and 105 pound-feet of torque, accocunts for the hybrid powertrain of the car. You will find 2 electric motors that work with the help of the gas engine, along with a continuously variable transmission. At 100 % acceleration, the power is drawn from from both electric and gas powered motors. Fuel-efficiency is at the maximum in stop and go traffic by operating on electrical power without recourse to the traditional gasoline engine. The Prius can do this since the battery charges anytime you step on the brake pedal.

The newest car has superior pick-up on the highway, but hasn't changed much from traffic lights. Toyota had been able to boost the fuel economy to practically 50 miles per gallon. Other improvements have been made by the recent model, primarily to the interior, with a more conventional center control stack. You now have a system display that is next to the digital speedometer and is situated a bit high on the dash. The fundamental stereo system and climate controls are no longer touchscreen but regular physical buttons. Tall people should certainly have it a little easier having a more adjustable seat and a telescoping steering wheel. Though the Prius looks to be fairly small, the interior still gives you plenty of elbow room and lots of cargo space.

The present Prius has continued the fuel-efficiency and flexibility of the earlier cars, but has made some good changes. It has grown to be much easier to changeover from a standard car, because it is a more normal car to drive. Even though you do have other options, the Prius is still the bench mark for great hybrid cars.

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