What If My Car Is Damaged During Transport

By Bob Frost

If you are not prepared. This can be a scary moment. But, it doesn't have to be. During the time that you are screening and comparing quotes is the proper time to put this issue to rest once and for all.

All truckers/carriers that are licensed and permitted by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) are required to carry insurance. The question for you is do they indeed have it? This can be found out online at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration web site.

If you are working with a Trucker/Carrier you can simply request that they email or fax a copy of their proof of insurance. If on the other hand you are working with a Broker, you will find that he is happy to advise you on this. This service is part of what a Broker is only too happy to make available.

But, what do I do if my car is damaged during car shipping ?

Answer: When the car arrives at it's destination, do not sign the bill of lading until you (or your representative) and the driver inspect the car together. If damage is present that was not there when the car was shipped, note it on the bill of lading before signing and get a copy. Ask the driver for his proof of insurance (you are looking for cargo insurance not liability insurance) All you need do is file a claim with the Carrier's Insurance Provider along with a copy of the bill of lading that shows the damage (signed by both you and the carrier) and an estimate of repairs from a body shop.

After discovering damage and while still with the driver is the best time to make that call to his insurance company and request instructions on filing your claim. Legitimate insurance companies will always be helpful and friendly as they have no reason not to be. If you can't call them right then, don't worry, you can call them later, or simply call your Auto Transport Broker, he can assist.

Don't forget: Household goods being transported inside your car are not supposed to be there (by rules of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and are not covered in the driver's insurance.

Light damage is really not that unusual in the business of transporting vehicles. It is usually handled very easily and routinely. Your car will usually be well taken care of and fixed if damaged. It really is a small problem and with time will go away.

One of the services that Auto Transport Brokers provide is to check out the Truckers/Carriers before they assign them with your order. The great part about this is that they are only going to select the really good guys.

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