What You Need To Know Before Purchasing A New Fishing Boat

By Leland Poliks

While you choose the right boat; try to answer the following two questions:

a) Which kind of fish will you be fishing?
b) At which place will the fishing take place?

Be sure to make a quality check of the carpet and the compartment. They can be either of fiberglasses, metal or plastic. Closely examine small but essential details such as the 1000 GPH bilge pump. Also be sure that the wiring is of 6 gauges instead of 8 or 10 gauges. These minute details are important because if the wires were heavier then the chances of transmission of more power from the battery to the trolling motor would increase.

The ranger dealers tell their customers about the Five Star Advantage. They are Innovation, Value, Performance, Safety and Quality. While purchasing your first boat, always consider the following points.

1) Ensure that the tow vehicle; which is the most significant tool of your boat is able to load up to 3500 lbs of weight so that the boat can be pulled up the hills and mountainous treks without any difficulty.

2) If you are buying a boat for the first time, consider a boat that is second hand because this would be a time when you are just learning the fishing skills. For larger bodies of water a boat that is of 19 feet and with a speed of 20 to 30 miles is ideal.

3) For smaller lakes it is better to choose a 16 - 18 foot aluminum boat. There are advantages of aluminum boat. Firstly it is cheaper than fiberglass boats. Secondly, it does not get affected by hitting stumps and rocks, running up into shallows or by simply banging here and there. One disadvantage is that even a slow wind affects its ride.

4) Boats of fiberglass are very expensive. Price can be somewhere between $50,000 - $20,000. However there is an advantage of fiberglass boat. It gives a smooth ride even in bigger and rougher water.

5) It is advisable to buy a second hand boat. In comparison to the brand new boat, the second hand boat holds its value longer and better and is cheaper too. However chances are that later you may come across certain problems, which were difficult to detect during the casual inspection. Solution to this problem is that always try to buy a second hand boat from a person whom you know or else take along a trust worthy person during the casual inspection. By taking these measures chances are you will be successful in skipping those boats that have outboard engine problems.

6) When you are trimming down, listen to the pitch change. It will be difficult, down the ramp especially while launching and retrieving the boat. Cheer up. Every one goes through that phase. Most of the boat owners are helpful to a first timer. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to learn the basics in just 4 hours.

People are very enthusiastic while buying their dreamboats. Always remember that the variety of experiences that we have while fishing gives us greater pleasure than the quality of the boat we possess.

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