Whats Renault Up To In The Next Few Years?

By Chester Thibodeaux

Recently, Renault announced their new operational director, Tavares Carlos, and also their plans for the next few years. Renault is aggressively seeking to have a strong brand identity in Europe and America and be competitive in the SUV niche in China.

They are also being aggressive with eco-technology since they are planning to put solar panels to the roofs of their factories in France. It is the largest mission of its sort in the auto industry with more than 450,000 square meters of solar panels producing 60 megawatts of electricity or enough to power a town with a population of 20,000.

The job will get going in June and is anticipated to be completed in February of next year. Their aim is to lessen the impact of pollution and save on electrical costs. One more project similar to this was started by Seat and they have solar panels installed on their factories in Spain.

The company also wants to take care of the problem of the industrial espionage. Renault is doing their best to be a more desirable brand that markets high end cars. The espionage scandal has generated some damage to their image however it's only part of their challenges. The top brass at Renault additionally admits to outdated products and unhip image.

Once Renault brought Laurens van den Acker in as a principal designer, significant changes were observed in the new concepts of Renault. The Clio is predicted to be the first vehicle under Renaults new perspective with a redesigned body and engine as well as state of the art electronics.

Product sales of medium to deluxe cars for Renault have dipped somewhat from 150,000 in 2005 to 100,000 last year. As they work to build their new line of cars, Renault must continue to profit from those cars that continue to sell well. The French newspapers state that Tavares must seek to equilibrate the two partners of the French alliance, as Renault sold 2.6 million cars last year, while Nissan sold more than 4 million.

One more concern that Renault has is definitely the lack of presence in China but are trying to fix that between 2013 and 2016. Moreover, the company has in no way made a significant mark in the US either. While no one is sure if Renault plans to return to the US market, they are looking to establish more of a presence in Russia and Brazil. So far, they havent had much success in India but continue to produce for this market with newer and superior car models.

In summary, the goal of the company is to grow the annual sales by more than 400 000 units but this goal can only be achieved if the company brings new design innovations with their existing and upcoming line of cars.

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