Why A Person Ought To Invest In Fleet Tracking Today

By Kevin Hunt

For a commercial fleet business to run efficiently, the owner must invest in fleet management and tracking systems. Fleet tracking helps in preventing the theft of vehicles and their load, and promotes discipline amongst drivers. It also improves general safety and reduces fuel costs in the long run. This will ensure you get a good return on investment.

A good system must have a good communication channel and real time transmission of data such as location of the vehicle, the speed at which it is travelling and the status of the vehicle. All these data is relayed to a central control point from which it is monitored to ensure everything is fine on the road.

Presently, the best method of tracking vehicles entails the use of GPS systems for vehicle management. This consists of a computer which help gather and interpret information from the vehicle, a satellite data modem or cellular as well as a receiver. The system receives signals from GPS satellite which helps calculate the speed, location and the direction of the vehicle.

The device is normally connected to the engine or ignition control module. This allows easier recording of data whilst the car is turned on or off. The device allows easier generation of customized and standard reports in real time regarding the history or status of the car.

The data which is gathered is normally transmitted wirelessly via a satellite or a cellular data network. As a result different factors such as signal availability, transmission time and communication clarity need to be considered. Sometimes a vehicle may pass through a place with unreliable or no cellular coverage and this delays transmission of data until there is location of a signal, there is an assumption that the vehicle is still moving.

The most reliable devices are those which uses satellite as they help transmit data faster. Also, they allow easy verbal communication as well as two way -text messaging which is customized to show the exact location the driver is texting from. Nonetheless, they come at a very high cost in buying and monthly subscriptions.

Fleet tracking can cost a business a huge sum of money in installing and maintaining it but it has many benefits. A business runs more efficiently and clients have an assurance of getting their wares on time. The drivers tend to be more responsible and accountable when on the road because they know their movements are monitored. This is an investment that business dealing with commercial fleets must have.

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