Yamaha Outbord Maintenance and Repair

By David Kymberly

Since its entry into speedboat engine manufacturing, Yamaha has proved its mettle with its clients in a big fashion thru its performance and buyer feedback. Time and again, Yamaha is focused on teaching its patrons on the significance of engine repair and using express parts designed by the maker while laying stress on why spurious parts should not be used. While there are a selection of reasons as to why using cheaper quality parts are perilous, there's the object of safety which poses a huge risk. Further, failure of motors running with lower grade parts tends to cause more issues than ordinary failure.

As is the case with any other engine, correct maintenance and repair schedules are critical to ensure smooth and uninterrupted running of the motor. Winterization of the Yamaha outboard motor is just like any other motor except that there are minor deviations from the regular process. To avoid internal degradation of the motor and to stop mechanical failure, the motor must be taken out from the boat for the winter. Though this may be done with help from a mechanic, it is best to grasp the process to do it yourself to avoid wasting time and money.

The engine needs to be flushed with clean fresh water regardless of if it is being employed in salt water or clean water lakes. This is done to scrub the dirt, grime and salts from within the motor surrounding. Identify the flushing plug of the motor with the help of your Yamaha instruction book and fasten a water hose to it. With the water turned on, idle the engine for 1/4 hour to flush the dust out. Let the engine burn the remaining fuel and maximize fuel exhaustion by choking the motor. A touch of fuel stabilizer in the gas tank, if added, serves the purpose of keeping the moisture out. Before storing the motor away for the cold, it's better to make sure that there aren't any cracks, fissures, leaks and rusted parts in the motor.

Fogging oil is used to increase the life of the engine and reduce its upkeep cycle duration. The spark plugs need to be removed using a wrench while performing the flushing process. The spark plugs have to be replaced every season. Water-proof grease gives the liquid mobility to all moving parts. It is imperative to store Yamaha motors in the vertical position to permit proper alignment to the motor. Repairing the engine becomes a less complicated deal if original parts are acquired. Because of the availability of these parts and flexible part design, they are an owner's best bet.

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