You Can Make Money with a Motorcycle Business

By Jay White

Unlike most walks of life, the birth of the profession in which madmen learned how to make money with motorcycles can be traced to a single moment in time, the night in 1958 when Tazio Secchiaroli caught Egyptian King Farouk upsetting tables in a restaurant in a fit of rage and then on went on to snap actors Anita Ekberg and Anthony Steele in the middle of a very a public row. His antics were immortalized as the character, 'Paparazzo' in Federico Fellini's 1960 film, 'La Dolce Vita'.

The so-called 'Golden Age of the Paparazzi' in the '50s and '60s made household names out of the likes of Edward Quinn and Ron Gallela. Quinn captured the serene image of Kim Novak resting in a lift in Cannes at the annual Film Festival. Gallela donated no fewer than five of his precious teeth to Marlon Brando as a result of a little skirmish in 1973. After the incident, Gallela made certain that he was never caught without a crash helmet in future encounters with the feisty Mr Brando. Perhaps this image is what inspired later generations of 'Paps' to hop on their scooters and make the term 'paparazzi' synonymous with 'motorbike'.

Plucky Elisabeth Anne Carell, eight year-old offspring of 'Forty-year Old Virgin', Steve, found a way to make money with motorcycles by setting up a lemonade stand in front of the family's home in Los Angeles. Half an hour later, she was USD 30 richer from selling her product to customers that included neighbor Billy Ray Cyrus, waiting paparazzi and officers of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Celebrity heartthrob, Brad Pitt inspired a new industry, the motorcycle chauffeur, when he caught a lift from a paparazzi on a motorbike in 2009 after his own machine broke down. Nowadays, people hire motorcyclists to speed them through London traffic, cutting journey times in half. By night, they are summoned to pubs and clubs where they meet their customers and drive them home safely in their own cars, having popped the foldable two-wheeler in the boot, trunk, or wherever people in your country put fold-up motorbikes.

If stalking celebrities and chauffeuring drunks aren't your cup of lemonade, there are many other ways to make money with motorcycles.

Salvaging useable parts from dead motorbikes and selling them on to vintage bike owners can provide a nice little earning opportunity. An exhaust pipe from a 1945 Royal Enfield can be swapped for as much as USD 75.00.

One final suggestion - compose your memoirs, add the word, 'motorcycle' to the title and create a best-selling book.

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