3 Of The Best Boats To Build From Home

By Martin Reid

Are you planning on owning a boat? Why don't you try building yourself one? One might think that it's a little unbelievable and somewhat impossible to do. But, here's the truth, building a small boat yourself is indeed possible if you just spend a little time in making it.

The time it takes to build a boat can vary between individuals . One can make it in just two to three weekends, while others would need months to complete it. However, it takes at least an average of 2 - 3 weekends to finish a small boat.

Another concern you might have is money. Well, this can also vary between how much you want to spend. Some people might spend more money buying more expensive paintbrushes, paint, new gloves, and other materials,but for people planning to build a small boat, be prepared to spend at least $700 to $1000 in building a boat.

So what kind of boat can you build with this amount of time and money? Well, you can choose to build among three types of boats with this investment.

Dolphin 12

You can opt to build the Dolphin 12, which is a stable, open, glass ply boat and simple composite epoxy. This can be used in estuaries, rivers and lakes and has a seating capacity of at least two adults.It has a motor capacity of approximately five to seven hp and is built with three sheets and 1/2 sheets of 1220 x 2440 6mm plywood.

Dolphin 16

Another option is to build the dolphin 16, which is a bit stronger than the dolphin 12 due to its additional glass in the chain plate areas, as well as its longitudinal stringer for the floors. You can also choose three different types of rigs for this boat: batwing gunter rig, balanced lug sail, or the lug rig in the standing position. Its rudder is also made of Oregon and is coated in glass. This is usually made of four and half sheets of 1220 x 2440 6mm plywood.

Dolphin 19

Then finally, there's the Dolphin 19, a frameless boat bigger than the Dolphin 16 having a 19 x 6 feet beam and 20 ins. freeboard, which can be expanded to 22 inches. With this boat, you can opt for two different kinds of keel configurations: 18 inch keel or the twelve inch keel. This boat also has a higher safety factor because of its twin galvanized wire remains on each mast and makes it a flexible little sailing craft.

This is a boat that you would want to build if you prefer a no fuss boat style that can be easily built by utilizing sheets of 1220 by 2440 plywood and some building practise.

All three boats are built using a stitch and glue method, which is very simple. Its gears are also uncomplicated, easy and cheap to build. All you need to have in order to build a boat are a jigsaw, clamps, orbital sander, drill, electric planer, and belt sander with some assorted grade belts and plywood sheets.

Good luck and have fun!

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