Acquiring The Correct Seating For Your Boat Will Add Appeal And Charm

By Gus German

Buying boat parts could be a bit like finding your way thru a maze. Below is my guide on the right way to choose your boat seats. I have simplified it into four straightforward sections; quality, price, comfort and maintenance.


I think of myself as a staunch believer in purchasing a name and purchasing the best quality you can afford. The two issues you need to avoid are rust and unsteadiness. Rust is mostly a problem with poorly treated seats. Unsteadiness is from lower quality seats, this occurs when the joints begin to loosen. A high quality seat is built on a frame which will survive almost anything.


If you are taking a look at new and top of the range then you'll be spending a lot of money, which is not really necessary. The makers will tell you that you can have a completely adjustable seat and which repels dirt and is comfortable, but they will charge you for these options. At the end of the day you need a seat which is cosy for you. Yes, it may be good to have an adjustable seat, but realistically, it's your boat and the seat should be selected with you under consideration. By buying used boat parts you get a good, well made seat for a fair price.


There are two things to consider to make sure that you get a comfortable seat. The first is the form of the seat. This may be the right width and the front of the seat needs to angle down in order that it is comfy and doesn't dig into your legs. The second thing is padding. Nevertheless I believe this is best achieved through detachable cushions. If you have a well moulded seat top then the padding gives the small additional comfort which we all merit.


There are a couple of recommendations to keep maintenance basicl and to keep your boat appearing smart for as long as possible. First off I view cushions as an accessory. This implies that I buy them to compliment the boat and add comfort and style. The best way to maintain this is the have covers made. Always have two sets made so you can send one off to be remade and still have a set for the boat. This way you can actually order online, post off the old ones and the new ones will arrive in the post the next week. If you have acquired a high quality seat you won't need to perform any maintenance other than a check to be sure that no rust is appearing.

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