Air Facts In Cars

By Geoff White

Most of us think about the quality of the air inside our homes and outside in the environment.But what about the quality of air inside our cars? Based on the Dohring Company's survey, the air quality inside the car were a matter of concern for over 95% people who were interviewed.

Americans spend a huge amount of time inside their vehicle, averaging to 1.5 hours daily.I have a friend who commutes to work two hours a day, five days a week. That is equal to a five-day workweek.

Disturbingly, results from the current studies signifies that air inside your car is 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air inside the house or workplace.After all, the car is just a smaller version and more enclosed space than your house or workplace and is more susceptible to allergies related to fungus and symptoms similar to sick building syndrome. Harmful microbes and irritants can proliferate as fungi enter the air through air flows and ventilation systems. Besides formaldehydes and other numerous irritants in the car from pet dander, food leftovers to cigarette stains, everyone in your car is breathing in bits of dust, greenhouse gases and car exhaust fumes. "In hot climates, volatile hydrocarbons evaporate from plastics and textiles.", Anders Lofvendahl, project manager at Volvo once said that. All of these circumstances can aggravate the condition of people with asthma and allergies and create a poisonous surrounding for you and your family.And a study done in 1990 by The International Center for Technology Assessment states "...23 separate scientific studies conducted in the 1980's and 1990's reveal that in-car air pollution levels frequently reach concentrations that may threaten human health." As a matter of fact, the study continuously states that air inside vehicles contain more toxins (the likes of carbon monoxide, benzene, toluene), fine particle matter, and nitrogen oxides than ambient air as results shown in nearby monitoring stations utilized to calculate government air quality statistics.

Think about it - every car and truck on the road is inhaling and exhaling toxic air - and that air is in your car.That air is what you are inhaling into your lungs and breathing during the time you spend in that enclosed, traveling, contaminated space.

We definitely love Bear, our dog. He is a Newfoundland dog and weighs 135 pounds and is crazy about taking rides in the car. Apart from the fact that he is taking up so much space in the back seat of our tiny vehicle, the only trouble is his hair keeps falling off and his skin discards a lot of dander that stinks. Therefore, as a substitute for leaving him behind at home and moping, we had to find a device that can maintain the cleanliness and purity of the air inside the car. Some suggestions are to place an air purifier on the cigarette lighter plug in (a better use for it anyway) that utilizes negative ions to eliminate pollutants in the air, air filters for the car, or air freshener ionizers.Keep the windows rolled up and the outside vent closed. The matter is Bear can't stick his head out!

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