American Muscle Cars: The Demand Lives On

By Rodney Collen

Muscle cars, for the innocent, generally refer to high powered 2 door sports autos designed particularly to deliver speed and thrust. With V8 engines, these vehicles are not ridiculously expensive, and are utilized for racing as well as common use. American automobile maker Pontiac is in general credited with releasing the 1st 'muscle car ', the 1964 GTO.

American Muscle Cars:

From 1964, and over the next decade, different automobile makers like Ford and Chevrolet jumped on the muscle cars ' bandwagon, and produced some of the best cars seen to this day. However , owing to a range of reasons that included some negative attention, rising fuel costs, and soaring insurance premiums, their popularity began to wane after this period. This, though, didn't function as a discouragement to the various muscle car fans, and there are lots of who still continue to rev up the engines of their high-powered muscle cars.

The Classic Muscle Cars:

While Australia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom popped up with their own muscle vehicle alternatives, the muscle cars that came out of the North American market in the related decade continue being held in high esteem. Given below is a catalogue of among the best classic muscle cars that came out of the US (in no particular order).

- Pontiac GTO Judge
- Ford Mustang
- Ford Torino
- Ford Thunderbird
- Plymouth Barracuda
- Dodge Challenger
- Dodge Charger
- Dodge Dart Swinger
- AMC SC/Rambler
- Chevrolet Chevelle
- Chevrolet Camaro

Buying Classic Muscle Cars:

Any automobile lover will tell you that muscle cars are great works of art, and that once these cars are restored and made functional, they can be worth a large amount of money. Furthermore, with the passing of time, and with their dwindling numbers, they'll only get harder and harder to own. In buying a classic muscle car, there are a few things to keep in mind ahead of time and these will make your search that much more less complicated.

- If you are on a tight budget, limit your search to autos that fit in your financial position.
- Get a good understanding on the car's existing state of affairs and create just how much you must spend so as to get it to your liking.
- Figure out if you can carry the restoration work on your own or if you will need pro help. If you want to search for pro help, know that this is an extra expense.
- Identify your preferences for brands/models early on in the search.

What's New?

In an attempt to reanimate the old world charm of American muscle cars, 3 distinguished auto makers have started to offer more recent and improvised versions of older variations. Chrysler has made public the relaunch of its Challenger; Ford is getting the Mustang back; and GM is revisiting the Camaro. So if you would like a new automobile in contrast to the classics, you have got options here too.

In the final analysis, there's no taking away from the incontrovertible fact that muscle cars continue to get a number of takers even in today's world, where fuel costs continue to expand; and this is just because there are a few things like the thrust of a V8 that are worth each penny.

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