The Austin Infiniti Finds Its Place

By Renee W. Howard

Initially launched in the 1990s, Austin Infiniti cars were lavish and "new." Nissan, the parent company, was based in Japan and had been recognized as a firm that made excellent, solid, basic automobiles. Infiniti transformed all that, with an introduction of a completely new, luxury car line, premium designs with upscale attributes along with sporty handling. With the launch of the Infiniti, Nissan offered to make entrance into the luxury car industry in the United States, thus challenging its fairly "basic and sturdy" original image.

In its first venture into the market, Nissan introduced a pair of luxury models, and then unveiled the entry-level G20 afterwards. Ultimately, a couple of incarnations of the G20 were created, with the first available Infiniti Austin TX and elsewhere in the U. S. from 1991 to 1996 both through Austin dealers and via Austin Infiniti lease, and the second available from 1999 to 2002. Although intended for sale in in Infiniti Austin TX and in other places in the United States, these front-wheel-drive automobiles were basically built by Japanese automaker Nissan. They provided maneuverability as well as sporty handling not noticed in other vehicles, yet maintained the sturdy functionality Nissan had become renowned for -- useful and functional, but fun.

Being a brand, Infiniti didn't find its place in the industry for a few years, at least in part mainly because of ineffective advertising and marketing that did not pointedly showcase the cars' features. During its very first years out, Nissan launched a couple of Infiniti cars, the Q45 and M30, that were true luxury automobiles, with the G20 an entry-level introduction, later on. The Q45 especially provided luxury not seen in other fairly priced cars, such as active suspension. Infiniti's very first SUV, based on the Pathfinder, was the QX4. Not like even some other so-called "luxury" sport-utility vehicles, it had a much more cozy ride and was better to handle.

Infiniti's efforts to remain in the market by upgrading its items continued in 2000, and the release of the entry-level G35 model ultimately saw Infiniti Austin TX gain its ground in the market in 2003. The car was available in both coupe as well as sedan types. Its crossover SUV, the FX35/45, has the feel of a sports car when it comes to handling, but the utility as well as road worthiness of an SUV. The current types include new features just like Bluetooth connectivity and sport alloy wheels, according to the model.

These days, this brand has a lower profile compared to other luxury cars out there, but its respectable drivability and inclusion of features just like Bluetooth connectivity on newer models of its cars keep it a competitor in the marketplace. Infiniti Austin TX deals are available through Austin dealers for purchase and as an Austin Infiniti lease, dependent upon customer requirements.

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