Back Patches and What they Mean

By Jenny Bateman

Next time you're driving down the road and you see a group of bikers, pay attention to the patches they're wearing on the backs of their leather vests or jackets. Those patches say a lot about the individuals wearing them. Although there are many bikers who prefer to keep their vests and jackets totally blank which actually says another thing about them.

Most bikers with a back patch will be a member of a motorcycle club and the patch will indicate which club it is. Also known as the "colors" in some circles, the club back patch cannot be purchased individually from a web site or a retail outlet.

It must be earned through service to the club in whatever way the club decides. Only when that service is completed will the new inductee be awarded the club patch. Sometimes that service is nothing more than paying a fee and taking a pledge; other times it requires quite a bit more.

Bikers who wear patches with the symbol of a wolf means that that biker is not actually affiliated with any club. He is what they called a "lone wolf"~These bikers are referred to as a 'lone wolf'~A 'lone wolf' is the term that is often used to describe these bikers. A biker can go where he wants, whenever he wants if he is not a member of a motorcycle club. This is one way to ride with a lot of freedom and many bikers prefer this.

However, lone wolves often get a hard time from biker clubs as they do not usually look too favorably on them.

Another common patch worn by bikers under or above their back patch is known as the 'rocker' patch. Examples of what will be on a rocker patch is Veteran, U.S. Army or it could have the state name where the person lives. The rocker patch is often used to give more detail about an individual than you would get from the back patch alone. However, some people use these rocker patches purely for decoration.

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