You Can Aid The Prevention Of Motorcycle Collisions

By Daniella Petigny

Over the warmer months of the year, especially with the high price of fuel, many motorcycles are found on the highways. Because there are many more motorcyclists it is now more important than ever that people drive proactively, so as to prevent all but the barest minimum of motorcycle accidents. There are a selection of ways in which you can help to keep the number of accidents down.

The first liability lies with riders of bikes, who must wear crash helmets and other safety gear, and drive at safe speeds for the prevailing conditions. In case you are still building confidence as a rider, avoid freeways and crowded streets. To do so will reduce the risk of yourself as well as others of having an accident. Before you go for a ride, ensure that all parts of the bike are working well, and pay special attention to the controls. No matter the vehicle being driven, nobody should drink and drive. Studies show that alcohol is often a contributory factor with motorcycle accidents.

A very important element of riding a bike is that you have to continuously be aware of what other vehicles are doing. Motor vehicles have blind spots where the driver cannot see other vehicles, and it's worse with bikes. Motorcycle riders need to be completely ready always, for a car to swerve into the other lane, without knowing that you are even there. Night-time driving, of course, entails that along with everything else, your headlights must be in good working order. Inexperienced drivers have a greater possibility of being involved in an accident. Beginner riders tend to be generally more anxious, along with the rules of the road not being at their convenience. Of course, older riders might also end up in accidents if they get careless about being attentive at all times.

A biker is required to be more wary of road obstacles than a car driver. Smaller objects smacked by a car without much problem can have fatal consequences for a bike rider. Every person that drives a car should be aware of blind spots, and strive to know about where all other road users are at all times, motorcycles especially. Make sure you look at your mirrors several times before you make a move, and always use your signals. Older motorcycles are not equipped with turning signals, so keep your eyes open for turns that weren't signalled. Watch out for a single oncoming light in the dark, because there's no telling if it's a car with only one headlight working or a motorcycle.

You should follow a motorcycle in front of you by a lengthier distance than you would a car. Emergency braking can sometimes end with piling into the rear end of the vehicle ahead, which, if it had been a bike, would be far more serious. The rider and any passenger will generally be injured a lot more terribly than if they were in a car. Accidents are invariably unexpected, and can happen to anyone, even very experienced riders. There is always the possibility for an accident, so minimize any risk by staying vigilant and driving proactively.

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