The Bent RV Trailer Hitch along with other Full Time RVing Tales of Woe

By Ralph Burns

From time to time when you're living in an RV full time, stuffs break.

And also sometimes, essential things break in the middle of nowhere.

The other day, I damaged each of the RV trailer hitch rails wanting to back to a tight spot at our RV car park. I was attempting to loosen the RV hitch from a "tow" position into the "maneuver" position and the darn thing bent in the bed of our truck.

The RV trailer hitch is a extremely important equpiment that are used to tow the fifth wheel RV. When it is broken, you are not moving anyplace soon.

And when the rails are bent (just slightly), you just cannot take a chance on it and start driving along with it.

Must it be mentioned that if you are RVing full time throughout the country along with a wife and two kids, you do not want the 5th wheel RV to come out of the back of the pick up truck?

We've got a Reese Sliding Hitch, and not surprisingly, we don't recommend you get that equipment

We do advise the Husky RV Sliding Hitch instead.

Unlike the Reese Sliding Hitch, the Husky RV Hitch carries a lot more support on the RV hitch rails as it is also screwed on to the frame of the pickup truck. And also, since its so stable, you're less likely to bend one.

The Reese rails are screwed in the bed of the truck.

I'm not at all specialized RVing master, but that doesn't appear as if a good thing when you are hauling 6 tons.

As soon as we purchased our truck, we got the hitch as an add-on at the car dealership (yet another place we don't recommend - but will remain unidentified) and these people got us all the cheaper hitch.

What are the chances for a car dealership doing that?

$537.99 and also a beautiful journey to the Wisconsin country side later, we got our own RV hitch rails repaired out in Wisconsin at Mound View RV in Belmont, Wisconsin.

Thankfully that RV shops in the Mid west are almost as frequent as cornfields.

If you're considering about RVing full time, plan for things failing and also plan for anything not going just exactly as you planned it - despite the fact that you planned it as well as you could.

Things always go badly, especially if you are total full time RVing amateurs just like us.

However get back up, decide on ideas on how to solve your issue and take action. Even though it can cost you a little cash to make it done properly, you should not be skimpy or cut corners if you are carrying a six ton RV behemoth.

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