The Best Method Of Taking Productive Driving Lessons

By Barry Hughes

In order for one to undertake driving lessons the eyesight must meet the minimum requirements. One must have the ability to make out number plates with letters as small as 79.4 mm from a range of 20.5 meters. This can either be with the naked eye or by use of contact lenses or spectacles. If in doubt one is required to seek the assistance of an optician before enlisting for the driving test. This is because it is against the law to operate cars if one cannot meet the minimum required in the eyesight trials.

Numerous safety precautions must be carried out initially. This measure will make the driver more comfortable. For example the doors could me meticulously opened to make other motorists and the driver safer. This is especially so when the car is parked on the roadside in which case other motorists could swerve and cause accidents. This could be a habit to ensure maximum safety.

DSSSM is a way devised to help learners. It stands for doors, seat, steering, seat belt, mirrors. The doors are the first part to be closed to ensure safety especially when the car is parked by the roadside. They have to be well bunged before driving off.

The adjustment of seats should also be correct. This will bring the controls within reach. For instance all the pedals must be in reach from this comfortable position. If situated at the altitude of the eyes or higher the headrest will be in a safer position.

Steering should be as comfortable before the motorist takes off. The hands should be as relaxed as possible to make sure of safer driving. The upper limbs should be able to maneuver around that navigation wheel for even improved navigation.

Another vital component is the seat belt. It is a legal requirement except if one is not liable. The driver is also obligated for any kids below 14 who have not worn them.

The final component is the orientation of mirrors. They should be clean and well adjusted to give the driver the best view around the vehicle to make safer turns and decisions. The side mirrors in particular should be well tuned to give a clearer view of the activity behind and on the sides.

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