Choosing the Best Easy-to-Build Small Boat Design

By Martin Reid

Choosing the best and easy to build small boat design can be very confusing especially if you are an apprentice boat builder. There are many varieties of boat designs that add to your confusion. As a result, instead of building a high performance boat intended for your desired application, you are more likely to choose a design out of its looks and other non-functional consideration. This article will try to tackle the popular boat designs and help you choose the best small boat design for you.

Drift boats The Drift boat is one of the most common boats that are built today. It is also known as the McKenzie

River Drift Boat. They are very popular, especially for fly fishing devotees, because of its looks. Drift boats are excellent for drifting down rivers, there can be some unsatisfactory performance though.

The difficulty of using drift boats is apparent when you try to row back up the river or on a calm lake.

Drift boats are designed to point down the river but when gliding and rowing in a straight calm line, drift boats are very difficult to maintain.

Standard McKenzie river drift boat The standard McKenzie river drift boat can be categorized into two: the western type and the midwestern type. The western type drift boats are used primarily for fast moving rivers while

Midwestern type drift boats are intended for wider and deeper lakes and rivers. Compared to Midwestern style, the western style typically has a more severe rocker and higher sides. It can handle wild whitewater while midwestern style can handle both rapids and calmer water. With the Midwestern style, you can easily maneuver the boat by rowing.

Grand Banks Dory On the other hand, if you want to use the boat aside from white water rapids there are many small boat designs which are perfect. One of these designs is the Grand Banks Dory. The Grand Banks ories are easy to build boats and are incredibly seaworthy. In the year 1876, a type of this boat with a length of 18 feet long crossed the North Atlantic from New York to England. This boat is known as the Centennial for the 100th year celebration of America. Grand Banks Dories are perfect for lakes, rivers and ocean. The disadvantage of this boat design is its speed and power usage.

Carolina Dory The Carolina Dory is a great choice with both rowing and engine power. This was developed to address the disadvantages of Grand Banks Dories. It can move quite well on moderate power and can be rowed easily. Thus, it can cross long stretches efficiently and rapidly. The Carolina dory is also a wise option for an all-round stable family boat. This type of boat design is the easiest to build.

Pacific Power Dory Engine powered boats that are easy to build are the Pacific Power dory design. These boats are very seaworthy that can work through rough water and yet remain stable and safe. They were first developed in the Pacific Northwest. They are made sturdy enough for commercial fishing.

There are various boat designs available for the apprentice boat builder. They all offer different capabilities and need different skill levels. Some of the boat designs need careful fitting skills and specialized skills while others only require basic carpentry skills. The easiest to build and are great for beginners are the drift boats and dories.

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