Comparing The Differences Between ATVs And Motorcycles As Off Road Vehicles

By Judith U. Reap

Alternative modes of transportation in the form of motorized bikes are available. These are all terrain vehicles, ATVs and motorcycles. In both cases the driver straddles the seat and uses the handlebars to adjust speed and steer the direction of the vehicle. There are a variety of differences as well between these types of transportation.

ATVs are more commonly known as quad bikes and three-wheelers, which as the names suggest have 3- 4 wheels. Motorbikes in comparison only have two wheels, but may sometimes have a third if a side car is attached. The additional two wheels on the ATV give the machine greater stability when it is travelling slowly and over tricky terrain. The two wheels of a motorcycle require the driver to have more skill and stability at varying speeds.

Inventing the two popular did not happen simultaneously, in fact the motorcycle was invented a whole century before the common ATV, the quad bike. The motorcycle was created by Gottileb Daimler, who attached a gas engine to a wooden bike. The four-wheeled ATV was originally a beginner recreational machine.

In some countries, including and not exclusive to the United States, passengers are not allowed on quad bikes. This is for safety reasons because a passenger would prevent the driver from being able to manoeuvre easily. Motorcycles are comparably safer to have passengers.

ATVs tend to be bigger than motorbikes and so need more space in storage and while transporting them. Their transportation is necessary because it is illegal to drive on public roads with an ATV. This requires specialized trailers and ramps, to which the ATVs may be strapped onto and the ramps make for easy access on and off the trailer. Motorbikes can be driven on public roads or transported via trailers.

In terms of off-road crashes, ATVs cause more serious injuries and deaths than motorbikes. This is most probably due to the fact that the quad bikes are heavier and can crush the driver during an accident. A large percentage of drivers disregard wearing helmets in comparison to the compulsory requirement for off-road bike drivers to do so.

Both types of vehicles have got a range of engine sizes depending on the amount of power that the driver wants. Both also have smaller sizes available for children to ride. It is advisable that children ride with adult supervision and whilst wearing the right safety gear, particularly helmets.

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