DVLA Private Number Plates - Advantages

By Martyn Davies

DVLA registered number plates are a legal requirement for all vehicles throughout UK. The vehicle owners are required to display the DVLA registered number on the front and rear of the vehicle according to standard requirements and protocol. While the majority of vehicle owners are content in having a standard issue number plate, there is a small minority of vehicle owners who have chosen to use a personalised plate; these plates tend to feature their initials, name, favorite number or something funny or personally meaningful to the owner. Next time you're out, take a look around at some of the vehicles nearby and you'll see these plates on some of the vehicles and cars running out on the streets or parked in the parking areas and garages. To a non-enthusiast, it may seem unnecessary and somewhat extravagant to pursue one of these private plates - you may have thought why go through the trouble of personalizing it? Or what is the use of buying a private plate when they are so expensive? They have become increasingly popular in recent years and that popularity looks to be continually increasing.

The private number plate continues to gain favor with the motorists from across the UK, many are them to personalize their car and give it a distinguishable look different from other vehicles. Amongst a sea of similar shaped and colored vehicles, the personalised plate is a mark of distinction. Once they were only associated with the wealthy and members of the upper class, on limousines and show cars - but now, people from all walks of life and backgrounds are buying private plates for their vehicles. While these plates can add a level of class and sophistication to your vehicle and can also serve as a visual identifier for onlookers.

There are many advantages of having a personalised number plate - first off, it is a great way of making your car more unique. You may choose your name, part of your address, age, spouses name or anything else that means something personal or special to you. It is fairly unlikely that anyone else will have a similar registration to yours, so you can be assured that your plate will be completely unique. They can also make a great gift for a friend or a loved one or any friends who may be a car enthusiast - at very least, you can take some comfort in knowing that your gift is completely unique and is different enough so you don't need to worry that anyone else will have given them the same present. Unlike many conventional gift choices, you also know that it is something useful that will definitely be used rather than be put to the back of the cupboard or garage and never looked at again. The only slight drawback of the private plate as a gift choice is that a firm copy of the tax disc will be required when processing it, so unfortunately, if you choose to give a number plate to someone as a present they will have to know about it.

Not at all surprisingly, most people don't have the registration of their own car committed to memory which can sometimes be a bit of a hassle when you're filling out forms that require this information or in any other situation or circumstance where the information is required. Having a personalised plate means that you will never forget your registration number again since you are bound to have chosen a number that means something to you and is therefore likely simple for you to remember. So the next time you have to write down your registration number or otherwise need quick access, you won't have to go all the way out to your car to find out - personalization does have its conveniences!

Some car enthusiasts don't like the fact that you can tell their car's age by the registration number. With a personalised number plate you cannot ascertain this information at a glance because it is very unlikely that the numbers on your plate will have anything to do with the actual age of your car. This means that whether your car is a year old or 15 years old no one will know any different and you can maintain your vehicle privacy.

If you are considering buying a number plate for your car, there are a few things you should be aware of up front: you have to make sure that you purchase your private number plate from a reliable source who sells only authentic registered private number plates (*it is an offence to own a vehicle bearing a number plate that is not registered by DVLA in UK). It is better to be cautious while looking at buying a personalised number plate in UK, locate reputable dealers and ask some preliminary questions to get started correctly and pointed in the right direction.

It is easy to see why DVLA personalised number plates have increased in popularity over the years. They lend an air of class and prestige to your vehicle, and by extension, yourself. There are also some hidden advantages that, in combination with decreased prices, make DVLA private number plates a smart and attainable investment for any car enthusiast.

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