Embroidered Patches: How Computerization Is Working Its Magic

By Lawrance Sparky

Have you ever stopped to wonder how embroidered patches are actually made? It is something that I have thought about a few times especially when I see a beautiful patch that has been intricately designed with amazing colors and styles. It really does seem as though manufacturers can create patches from the most intricate designs these days. All you need to do is take a look around the Internet to see what I'm talking about. But how do they do it?


When it comes to how patches are made these days, computerization has played a big role in changing things just like it has with many other products. Patches used to be embroidered by hand years ago by a person who was using a simple design. So when it came to patches being created for commercial purposes, there was never much in the way of variety or detail.

However with a single template and an embroidery machine it became possible to create many copies of the same patch once automation was introduced. But the embroidery machines from just ten years ago would not have had the capability to produce some of the patches that are appearing today.

But since computerization has been introduced to the industry it has become possible to create finely designed pieces with superb precision no matter how small the scale. Creating patches to 1/1000 of an inch of tolerance is now possible. So now things that used to be considered impossible can be done such as fine outlining, shading and detailing. So these days patches are something that a lot of people would see as fine works of art.

The only thing that will actually limit what can be done with a patch these days is the designer's imagination. As long as they have an idea, they can create that graphical representation on the computer and then the software they are using can convert that into an embroidery pattern. The pattern will then be saved as a file which will then be put into the embroidery machine and then transferred onto a black patch. It is also possible to make a profit doing short runs thanks to computerization.

However you look at it, you have to admit that computerization has been a real boost for embroidered patches. And that's pretty awesome. This is also a great boon for when it comes to going out to buy wholesale patches.

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