Essential Equipment for the Motocross Rider

By Tom Duddle

Motocross is a very exciting sport. There sport can take different forms from a casual past time between mates to a significant competition. As it involves a large amount of action, without the right protective gear, you run risks of taking on significant injury. Here are some tips related to motocross clothing that riders should be aware of.

Sports shirts aren't merely a fashion statement; they provide sorely needed protection to your body by reducing the impact of falls. Good shirts and jerseys come with further padding around the shoulders and elbows. These protect the rider from heavy injuries and infrequently may even ward off a likely fracture to the elbow or shoulder. Also look for ones that are rip resistant and light-weight.

Motocross boots are also a very important part of your motocross clothing. Choose boots that are firm and supply enough flexibility round the ankles. They should also come with shock absorbing materials under the heels as they give protection to the legs in case of a hard landing. Quality motocross boots can typically be bought at costs ranging from £150 - £400.

The significance of knee braces in motocross cannot be overlooked as damage to the knees can prove to be nasty, as it often has, to the careers of many motocross riders. Knee braces are sometimes of 2 types- rigid frame construction and flexible frame construction. A good quality knee brace will serve you for many seasons.

Chest protection is also a crucial element in your motocross clothing. Chest protectors are largely of three types- hard shell, padded Lycra and a mix of both. When buying a chest protector, ensure that they are well connected at the joints and seams and so the straps are riveted on the plastic directly to avoid their coming apart in a crash.

Goggles give your eyes some much needed protection from mud and debris and even during a fall. Goggles of high quality will fit properly on your face and must have enough foam to stop sweat and dirt from obstructing the rider's vision. Motocross goggles are sometimes the least costly of the motocross gear. Make your choice depending on factors like visibility, comfort and durability.

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