Lesser Recognized Auto Maintenance That Turns into an Auto Repair Need

By Wendon Lee

You have almost certainly been told and know that very good auto maintenance turns into lower repair bills when one thing goes incorrect. A lot of people know that changing spark plugs and wires, keeping your tires aired and changing the oil regularly count as excellent vehicle maintenance. However, you'll find some lesser identified vehicle maintenance regularities that needs to be checked and serviced at regular intervals in order to steer clear of pricey repairs. These might be surprising, but are truly very important, particularly deemed the cost of not performing so.

Timing Belt

The timing belt is one definitely underestimated part of a vehicle that needs to be serviced often. If the belt ought to wear and break, a number of things could happen. One that most assuredly will occur is that the vehicle won't be moved until it's fixed or towed away, whether that's inside your work parking lot or on the highway. An additional thing is that it can seriously harm several parts with the car which will price you hundreds to fix, like the valves in the motor head. Checking for or having your auto repair specialist check for wear on the belt could be helpful in the long run.


In a car or truck, the shocks/suspension is what keeps your vehicle from bumping and jumping on the road, but also protects your tires, rotors, brakes and undercarriage. Have your automotive repair shop check your shocks often to avoid all of the above. It's much much less expensive to repair worn shocks than it really is to replace them plus the other things that shocks affect. For trucks or cars with unique suspension kits, these need to be checked even more usually for optimum efficiency and to avoid major injury towards the automobile itself.


The battery is one part of the car that we never ever appear to pay attention to until there is a problem. When the auto won't begin or is making a funny sound at startup, the initial thing we check may be the battery. What's much more essential to remember though is that with appropriate care, the battery can last months to years longer than one that isn't taken care of. Check typically for corrosion concerning the battery posts, and prevent charging and re-charging your battery typically. The more it gets charged, the much less longevity it's going to experience all through its life. Regular battery maintenance can be a surprising but crucial part of avoiding auto repair.

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