A Few Tips For Inexpensive Dent Removal

By Ben Mester

Repairing damage to your car can be one of the most costly and unexpected bills you'll have to pay. Even little things like a dent in your bumper can sometimes cost nearly a thousand dollars. And though insurance is presumably there to give us help, they don't come through for us in every situation.

Picture this, you come out of a grocery store only to find a nice new dent in the side of your fender. You look around wildly for the offending party, but no one's in sight. They're long gone. What do you do now? Do you call your insurance and risk raising your rates, or do you just fix it yourself. Fortunately for you, there are one or two ways in which you can inexpensively fix dents on your own.

Everyone should own an automotive suction cup. They're super cheap and super effective. I've used mine to remove a lot of dents. An automotive suction cup is basically just a heavy duty suction cup that can get hold of a dent and pull it right out again. Some dents are persistent but for the most part, it really gets the task finished.

For other dents, dry ice works shockingly well. Dry ice is made of frozen CO2 and is extremely cold, something like 75 degrees below zero. Due to the fact that the car is metal, when you carefully rub the dry ice on and around the region of the dent, the metal gets very cold and starts to contract. The pull of the contracting metal is mostly so strong the dent will literally pull itself out.

This is one of the most recent tricks of auto repair and I have seen it work incredibly well. So before you go taking your vehicle to the shop and spending lots of money, try some cheap dent removal tools and these other tips to see if you can't just repair the damage to your vehicle yourself.

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  1. Yes these tool help you to repair you vehicles at home and save your lots of money. Some other tools for greasing are grease gun and oil pumps are also useful.