Fishing for Big Bass and Giant Tuna off Cape Cod during September

By Captain Ryan

Without a doubt, September is one of the best months for fishing Cape Cod. There's plenty of reasons why this is the case. The early morning air has a crisp bite to it that was not present during August, the crowds at the boat ramp dissipate, and the fish show up in larger numbers and are more aggressive.

There's a lot of good news for folks fishing in September. The weather is often times very conducive to striped bass and giant tuna fishing. Although there will be windy days throughout the month, odds are that we will also have many calm days and evenings. Often times the waters around Cape Cod are as flat as a pond. Its days like this that make you forget that you are fishing on the ocean. And then there will be those breezy days and nights. However in September, a big wind is not always a bad thing. A brisk onshore breeze often lights up the fishing in spots that are surprisingly close to shore.

Striped bass behavior changes during September. This is the month when bass on Cape Cod begin to stage for their southerly migration. Many of the stripers that you could not entice a single bite from during July will now hop all over a tossed offering. The bass become noticeably more aggressive as October approaches. Odds are that if you find the fish, you will be able to catch them.

Finding the fish in the first place also becomes easier as September inches its way towards October. Large schools of big stipers tend to hang a bit closer to the beach during this month. The days of trolling and cruising around in 60-70 feet of water are now (hopefully!) over. Searching in water as shallow as 20 feet often yields higher catches than spending time in deeper water at this time of the season.

Towards the end of the month, the bass will really put the feedbag on as they prepare for their southerly migration. I'm getting a little ahead of myself here, but I can not help but remember the great fishing we had during late September 2010. Of course, who knows what will happen in 2011. However the odds are in our favor that we will be able to at least put a few seriously large bass and giant tuna in the boat.

During September of 2010, a few giant tuna were seen crashing on the surface in the deeper water off Scorton Ledge.

Large bluefish, as well as Snappers, will invade the near shore haunts throughout this month. Big Blues can be found in the usual Cape Cod Bay hot spots such as the Ledge, the Parking Lot, Race Point and Billingsgate.

Snappers on the other hand, infiltrate the estuaries and harbors on the south-side of the Cape. Snappers are a ton of fun on light tackle. This is great fishing for the under 10 years of age crowd. Even these tiny bluefish make great bait for giant tuna. We hooked up with a giant last September using a 6 inch snapper in Cape Cod Bay.

This is the time of the year when we hear stories of more exotic fish entering the water around Cape Cod. Even more exotic fish like Spanish Mackerel are caught off the southside of the Cape. These fish are usually taken by anglers fishing for bonito and false albies. Mahi-mahi are routinely taken by anglers fishing farther offshore. Actually, many exotic species inhabit the offshore areas such as yellowfin tuna, blue and white marlin, bigeye tuna and a variety of sharks-to name just a few.

Fishing on Cape Cod is just an awesome experience. The opportunities are virtually endless. All of these opportunities only get better as September turns into October. Now is the time to go fishing before the cold, windy days of November arrive!

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