How Fast Can I Get My Car Moved ?

By Bob Frost

Just how long does it take for my car to be picked up transported and delivered when I use an auto transporter ?

To fully understand this mystery, and to answer this really good question, we must first understand the methodology of auto transport.

You must understand first that most of the time the timing or car pickup is more important than the time involved in transport. When you search online and find a Broker/Carrier check with them to be certain you and they have an understanding as to the time involved so as to avoid misunderstandings. It is important to get that agreement in writing so you are assured that your selected company is very much aware of your time and scheduling requirements and needs.

Trucker/Carriers typically use a "lane" system of determining their route of travel. A fast lane might be from Jacksonville, Florida to San Diego, California by I-10. A slower lane might be the same places by some back country road or route. The busier "lanes" would have many more trucks traveling on them and you could expect much quicker delivery time than the same delivery on a slower "lane".

Other factors that must be considered is the speed limit, the number of scales along the route (truckers are required to stop at each one) and any construction that might slow traffic down along the way. Most folks are aware that the Federal Government has many requirements on drivers as to how many hours per day and week they can drive. They even couple this with mandatory "down" time between driving shifts.

Weather, season, and even things like fuel availability also share in the time needed for moving your car from its pickup spot to its final destination.

So, with all of these items mentioned being considered, just how do you figure the amount of time needed ?

A good rule of thumb is to simply figure on a 350 mile per day average and most of the time it will be close. This is a mileage and route based industry which makes it a little simpler.

Be sure and discuss these issues when you "book" or "schedule" your car with a Broker/Carrier of your choosing. In today's world the more "cutting edge" companies out there can even provide live tracking so that you will always know just where your car is.

To find really competent company's and drivers, simply do a search on the internet under auto transport and you will receive a selction of quotations totally without obligation and at "NO COST".

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