How To Correctly Use Emergency Lights For Vehicles

By Lorena Wilder

When objects are well lit, moving traffic can easily see them. This is true for cars, as well. Anytime an automobile is on the roadways, having the added security of emergency lights for vehicles can be extremely effective.

This is also true for men and women who put their lives on the line every day to see to it that the public remains safe. By installing safety lighting on the squad cars and emergency vehicles on the road, they are easily seen by oncoming traffic. This helps these vehicles to gain the right of way and move through the traffic without too much trouble.

However, there are some cases when the use of these beacons can be hazardous rather than helpful. This is especially true with certain types of lighting. Personnel at the scene often would rather have less lighting available than too much in order to keep from being blinded while they are trying to do their job.

It can also be important as to where the beacons are located. It should be noted as to how they will appear to other drivers, before installing any type of system. Where the beams shine can be distracting to other drivers making it difficult to see when approaching the cars.

When deciding on the proper lighting to use, color is another significant factor. Most often, red and blue bulbs are associated with emergency personnel. Although, a bright white illumination can quickly get the attention of other drivers, it does not make them aware of any dangers. Using red and yellow colors with the bright white tells drivers to slow down and be ready to stop.

Today, many of the emergency lights for vehicles are made using LED bulbs. This type of bulb creates a much brighter glow and does not require a lot of energy to burn. They also do not need to be replaced as often as their predecessors the strobe or halogen bulbs.

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