How To Identify A Crafty Used Car Salesman With Ease

By Carroll Mcintosh

If you've told other people that you're looking to buy a used car, there's a likely chance that you'll get warnings and/or jokes about dodgy used car salesmen. Although this is an unfair stereotype, we can't deny that there are bad seeds out there who will try to convince you to pay more for a used car for sale than its actual market value. Although any good salesman must be able to make a convincing pitch, a couple of people who have used cars for sales and used cars for sale have resorted to ungainly means just to make a profit. The following paragraphs detail common tactics of dodgy used car salesmen, and it's important to keep them in mind if you're out shopping for used cars.

Most used car salesmen resort to lying passively-i.e., telling the truth but leaving out important details that may make you not buy the used cars on sale. You can avoid this trick by being constantly alert and asking as many questions about the particular used car in question.

Used car salesmen also often dress up their used cars, making use of new paint jobs or wax jobs in order to distract from or hide existing dents, scratches, and rust spots. They also boast of a comprehensive inspection, but this is usually performed by their on-site mechanic.

Some used car salesmen resort to tactics to wear you out until you finally give in from exhaustion. Such schemes can include stalling so much in order to prevent you from looking around for more options, or to initially offer you a ridiculously low price for a car. In the second scenario, what usually happens is when you finally decide on the used car for sale with the absurdly low price quote, the salesman will then consult with his manager, who will naturally refuse to sell the car at the quoted price.

Likewise, you shouldn't let yourself be swayed too easily with free extras, limited-time offers, or the salesman's claims that the used car for sale is hot property. Some salesmen can try to push you into buying by being "buds" with you. You should also look out for claims that "my spouse/mother drives the exact same thing". Aside from the fact that it would be hard to check the veracity of that statement, keep in mind that as a salesman he must have gotten that car for a lower price than you would be paying. Before going to the used car lot, you should keep in mind what kind of used car you want and do adequate research on it. By being a smart shopper, you won't be swayed into buying a car without knowing the total cost of the purchase (cost of the used car plus taxes and other charges) or into buying a car that's more expensive than what you need.

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