How To Properly Balance The Propeller Of Your RC Boat

By Ryneth Sweiss

If you have been playing with your RC boat for a while then you will probably notice that after sometime it will vibrate somehow whenever the propeller was rotating and if that's the case then the most probable cause is that the prop has become unbalanced and you will have to balance it again to eliminate the unwanted vibration which reduce the speed of the propeller for most of the time.

Of course, you'll first have to remove the propeller from the body of your RC boat before you can do something about it and while you are unto it, it is highly suggested that you first clean it with a water and soap in order to remove any unnecessary debris and make sure that the hole in the center is squeaky clean.

Think about finding a decent paper clip and then straighten its end perpendicular to its remaining coil since you will use it to hold the propeller and the moment everything is all set, all you've got to do is to insert the prop unto the straightened section whilst ensuring it will not drop off nor contact the other section of the clip.

Make sure you remember to slip on an eye cover before you come to a decision to proceed with the subsequent step and as soon as everything has been put in place then what you ought to do is to spin the propeller gently and hang on patiently until eventually it come to a complete stop and at this point, you will have to use your marker and place a mark on the edge that is closest to the ground.

Once more, you will have to perform repeatedly the spin and marker process for a number of times until eventually you're certain that the marker conveys which edge of the propeller is weightier and as soon as you recognize which is the side, you'll have to make use of a hand file to help smoothen that part although you will need to make certain you won't affect the original structure and not to remove a significant part that may worsen the situation.

In conclusion, you'll have to wipe off the marks and start once again from creating a mark and spin until finally you are absolutely sure that the prop of the RC boat is now balanced and when you attained that, complete the process by just sharpening the edges using a sandpaper uniformly at all sides to clear out any kind of rough edges.

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