How to Sell Your motorcycle On the Net

By Martin Csokas

The easiest and most convenient way to market your motorcycle is the Internet. All you need to do is reach the hundreds of people who use the Internet to search for things. However, as an individual you need to be careful while marketing your used bike. Here are some wonderful ideas that can help the sale to be smooth and advantageous for you.

1. Searching for the right site to sell your used motorcycle is important to get the best deal on the sale. You may want to showcase your vehicle on Ebay or you may want to choose a website that is country-specific. So, if you are in New Zealand and looking for someone to buy a used motorcycle in that country, you may choose a site such as Some websites also have associated magazines. It's also advisable to get a vehicle check to prove to potential purchasers your motorbike is genuine.

2. Advertise your motorcycle with integrity. Don't state false facts and instead include true details about your second-hand motorcycle . The more accurate the details, the more buyers will be interested. If your motorbike requires substantial repairs and is only being sold for spare parts, mention it. Mention the year or the number plate and the place where you are based.

3. There are some people who want to make extra money buying and selling motorcycles. These people don't want to buy a new bike. What they want is to buy a second-hand bike, freshen it up slightly and then put it up for sale at a profit.

This is why it is important to price it right. Keep in mind the model age and how many miles the motorcycle has done, however, also keep in mind that these people are going to bargain hard. So, quote a higher price than what you want - you can come down, but you can never go up.

4. Keep your papers ready. Don't sell a motorbike with outstanding finance. If you want to sell, make sure to settle the loan first. The registration documents should be clear. Make sure to keep receipts of any work that was done for fixing up the bike prior to the sale.

5. Always stick to the lowest price that you have in your mind. Don't go lower than that. If you have already kept a higher price than what you want, this will go smoothly. While allowing an interested buyer to test drive your motorcycle, check his insurance papers, and take something as security. Be careful of bike theft as well. Always take cash first before allowing anyone to drive away with your motorcycle.

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