Important Things To Do Before Buying Used Cars

By Denise Jackson

Nothing beats the excitement of getting our driving license. To top off this excitement is the anticipation of getting our first car. However, very few of us can afford brand new cars to start driving in, so we may opt to visit a used cars dealer instead.

You need to shop prudently before you use your savings on a second hand vehicle. You will definitely need a checklist to look at the things you need to look over before you buy. This will prevent you from making a hasty decision and get ripped off in the process.

Firsthand, try not to be distracted by the low price and good looks that the car may have. Sometimes if the price is too good, then there may be a catch to it. So therefore it may pay for you to take a second or even a third look.

Do query the salesman on the previous history of the car. Knowing whom or what kind of person the previous owner is will give you what to generally expect in terms of overall condition. If it was just driven by a mother to fetch kids to and from school then expect it not to be so battered as one that was owned by a teenager.

Take a good look at the radiator and take off the cap. If there is rust in or around the radiator edge then you can tell that this car has not been maintained well or looked after. You can also be sure that the rust is also in the reservoir system which will later find its way into the engine.

As a final check on the unit you have in mind, take your fist and tap around slowly on the panels of the car. If you get a solid rather than a hollow sound then you can be sure that the car has been repaired from an accident. Thus given all the information gathered above, you can either bargain the price down further or look for another unit.

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