Is Operating a Motor Scooter to School a Good Plan?

By Tyisha Lahr

An electric motor scooter can be a nice method of getting used to riding a two-wheeler while you're waiting to be big enough or old enough to get the real thing, a Harley. To begin with, a scooter really is simple to operate, and also extremely easy on your wallet. A lot of parents consider a motorcycle too dangerous for a teenager, and many also feel it's just a little too big a step to get him or her their own car.

Scooters are less costly compared to a motorcycle, and are generally easier to run, but safety is still a necessity, and you still must follow the rules. Some people view an electric scooter as merely a souped up bicycle. Yet, in the majority of states you actually need to have a motorcycle license to drive one. Depending on the state, kids will almost certainly be legal age to operate a motor scooter.

On the positive side, electrical scooters, or mopeds, as some consider them, create zero pollution and are totally environmentally friendly. Their parallels to motorcycles include things like turn signals, brakes, two tires and a seat.

A motor scooter is easy to learn how you can drive, but you still need to be cautious at first. They're not intended for freeway traveling, but mainly for riding around town. There are many diverse types of scooters, and you will find the prices quite reasonable, somewhere between $200 and $1000. They are available in a variety of colors and styles, so make sure you take enough time when looking to find one that fits you perfectly. Given that scooters are a lot lighter in weight than motorcycles, quite a few females prefer them. A few scooters are made to be ridden standing upright, while most intend the operator to be seated - make sure you don't get the wrong one.

Kids often go for the stand up variety, but they usually arrive at the realization quickly that they'd rather ride sitting down. Plus, you have to remember that with a stand up scooter you will be quite limited as to what you may carry with you. It is possible to do any required repairs or maintenance yourself, of which there is very, very little. They're very efficient, getting as much as 60 miles to the gallon of gasoline, depending on the model. Scooters are great for college students, being that they are inexpensive and take up very little space. They're wonderful for getting around campus, and you are able to use the many bicycle racks that are everywhere. It is possible to gain up to 30 mph with a scooter, which is going to work for quick trips to town.

Where gasoline costs are high and the conditions are nice most of the year, the popularity of scooters has continued to grow. If you're not focused on high speeds or long distances, a scooter could be just the thing for you.

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