Know More About Modern Automotive Manufacturing

By Zoe Clarke

An automobile is a very technological sophisticated and very complex manufactured product, although it's a very commonly used one. Manufacturing new automobiles requires processes and methods that are state of the art from a technology viewpoint. Also, the supplier industries of the automotive manufacturing industry, including steel and other parts such as electronic instrumentation, are critical when it comes to providing the required components and for the assembly of automobiles.

To improve the efficiency in production and the quality of the product, automobile manufacturers a considerable amount of money and time and money into the development and improvement of the manufacturing process, by depending largely on technological innovation and research. In the past eight decades, that has been a considerable amount of technological development that has occurred. This has changed and reinvented how automobiles are manufactured.

The manufacturing process for automobiles has been increasingly altered by technology. The automobile manufacturers much continue to balance innovation and efficiency with increased productivity although automobiles are being produced at faster rates. There are many modern technologies that are used in advancing manufacturing for the automotive industry.

During the past three decades, automation technology has become a necessary part of automobile assembly factories. The normal assembly plant factory uses numerous robots to help paint and build the frame for the automobile. This technology does have its limitations particularly while doing jobs that are delicate, although robotic technology continues to grow in assembly factories. The invention of Intelligent Assist Devices, especially the Collaborative robots know as Cobots improve productivity, quality, and safety while helping to reduce ergonomic concerns. These Cobots were developed by General Motors Corporation and Northwestern University and are designed to work with human operators to perform jobs that are physically demanding on automobile production lines such as moving heavy objects.

The companies that manufacture automobiles compete based on a set of established commercial practices which are outlined in industrial and business literature for engineering. These practices make up the process of manufacturing automobiles which include the following list of elements:

Durability The Development of Products The Development of Processes Flexibility/Equipment Interfaces Engineering and Research Supply Chain and Logistics Organization and Workforce Process and Technology Cost

In looking at trends in the manufacture of automobiles around the world, the Japanese automobile manufacturers have provides the lead in streamlining the process of automobile manufacturing. There techniques been adopted by manufacturing facilities all over the world. These efforts were pursued as a way to increase the quality of the product and productivity. The automobile manufacturers in Europe and in the US initially demonstrated significant problems with the productivity in their manufacturing facilities. But, in the last few years, many of these problems have been resolved and the lead of the Japanese automobile manufacturing factories has been considerably reduced.

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