Learn About Choosing Motorcycle Tyres

By Mark Walters

Just like an automobile, motorcycles need the appropriate tyres in order to operate at their top efficiency. Also as with automobiles, the right size of the tyre must be selected, or else it will rub and wear down and possibly cause damage to the vehicle. When choosing the right tyres for a motorcycle, there are a few things to keep in mind. What it really all boils down to is deciding what type of rider you are and how you primarily use your motorcycle.

The overriding question you must answer is what type of riding you will be doing on the tyres you purchase. Do you plan on racing your bike, or do you plan on cruising the highways and byways from one point to the next? You might even be considering hitting the dirt paths off road. Based on this decision, you will need to select a tyre type. Motorcycle tyres are manufactured with specific purposes in mind, and your choice often depends on whether you wish for maximum life or maximum performance.

If your bike is of the cruising persuasion, then you will want to look for a maximum life tyre, as racing is not the intent. Racing bikes will often be equipped with rounder tyres so that turning is more efficient. The lifetime of the tyre is compromised, however. Consider that a racing tyre that is made with a round profile will yield around 2,000 miles, while a tyre that is manufactured with cruising in mind will provide rides for up to 20,000 miles.

Overall, regardless of the type of riding you plan on enjoying, it is recommended that you choose the stock size tyre intended for the motorcycle. Some riders misguidedly go for looks rather than performance, and place tyres on their bikes that are too big for the vehicle. This can cause unbalanced riding and less responsive steering. Even when dealing with tyres of the same size, there is the possibility that each manufacturer will provide a somewhat different profile on tyres of the same dimensions. Pick the one that is stock.

When choosing the right tyres for a motorcycle, it all comes down to the purpose of the bike. Where is most of the riding going to happen? How often will you be riding the motorcycle? Answering these items will help you figure out which tyre is suitable for your style. Once these questions are wrapped up, buying the proper tyre is that much easier.

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  1. Do you know where i can get some cheap tyres online, I have been looking to replace my tyres for a while but there really expensive :(