Mini Cooper Service Servicing Your Mini

By Tyger Lucas

In the past 10 years, the Mini Cooper has been making a splash on the US roads and interstates. It's tiny and graceful design makes it both beautiful and delightful to drive, increasing it's renown. The British born auto has made it's place on the US highways.

The Mini Cooper was developed by the Brit Motor Corporation in 1959, who continued to provide it till 2000. It hit its boom time in the 1960s in Great Britain, changing into a staple in English society. It's little compact size made it popular together with it's storage and passenger space. Over 75 % of the car's interior was developed for this very reason. It was also front engined, appealing to make drivers. In the mid 1960's, Brit Motor Corporation even designed a sports model which won the Monte Carlo for 3 years in a row. BMW took possession of the Mini Cooper in 2000. But it's losses led on to the ending of production. The last, original Mini Cooper rolled off the line October 4, 2000. The Brit Motor Industry Heritage Trust has that auto in its possession. The Classic Mini Cooper was gone, but a newer one has stepped up to the plate in its place.

BMW keeps possession of the Mini Cooper and began developing their own line of Mini automobiles that are very popular today. The New Mini Cooper has a design that is both similar and different to the classic Mini, continuing the tradition of Mini Coopers. As the owner, you should be mindful of what specs your own automobile has. It'll allow for better service and will permit you to be more in tune with your vehicle. Here is some quick info about your BMW Mini Cooper. It's got a four 16 valve engine having 1598cc. The engine's power is 163 bhp. You can shoot from 0 to 60 in under 8 seconds with a highest speed of 135 mph. It's average fuel use is 33.6 mpg.

If you're the owner of a new Mini Cooper, it is important to understand where to take it apropos repair[**]. You want to ensure you take your car to a permitted BMW service center with the kit to work on Mini Coopers. An allowed service center will be well placed to provide you with the same service as the agency but at a miles better price. It's vital to keep up with your regular maintenance and service to make certain you vehicle runs smoothly.

The more you drive your automobile, the more wear there'll be. Taking it to your service center frequently will keep you on top of any repairs that may need it. It will allow you to be aware that you will soon be requiring new breaks or to replace spark plugs. Using an allowed center will also ensure you keep your guaranty in tact.

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