Minimizing Risk For Injury By Choosing The Right Type Of Helmet

By Rick Walters

Helmets are protective gears worn on ones head from the purpose of protecting the head from various injuries in case of accidents. Helmets have been known to be used way back the ancient times with the Assyrian soldiers in 900BC considered as the oldest known users. From being used as protection from sword blows and arrows, helmets have evolved throughout the centuries and are now being used for various purposes. Brands like Bell bike helmets and Giro helmets are some of the well known manufacturers of helmets being used for recreational activities, dangerous work activities, transportation and sports

Whether one is simply walking on the street to accomplish an errand or is participating in doing skating, biking, cycling, climbing or any sports accidents cannot be always avoided. This is a known fact that many of us usually overlook and many tend to wear appropriate protective gears which leads to serious physical injuries. This makes it the more important for us to understand and realize how essential it is for us to wear the appropriate type of helmets in order for us to experience utmost protection.

Helmet's used for recreational activities and sports are considered the most common type of helmets. Some of the most popular brands in this category are the Bell bike helmets and Giro bike helmets. These kinds of helmets have different designs and functions depending on the demands of the sports. Sports helmets should fit properly and in most cases should fully cover the head of the player. This is specifically important in cycling, mountain biking, climbing and skiing wherein the risk of having head injuries are highest. Other than the ones mentioned, sports like cricket, equestrian, bull riding, football and hockey are other types of sports which require the use of helmets.

Bell bike helmets and Giro bike helmets are just some of the types of helmets commonly used. There are also the occupational helmets which are never optional and are always necessitated by various safety regulations. An example of these occupational helmets is the hard hat which is used in construction areas. Hard hats are required before entering construction sites in order to protect the workers from light weight to heavy debris which may fall off. These hard hats are also being used in mining sites. Another type of occupational helmet is the welder's helmet which unlike conventional helmets is used particularly to protect the welder's eyes. Then there are also the diving helmet worn by professional divers who are engaged in surface supplied diving.

Other than sports and occupational helmets, combat helmets and emergency and protective troop helmets are also very popular. The combat helmets are said to be the direct descendants of the forefathers of the helmet family. Combat helmets are used mainly for military purposes which range from head protection to gas masking. An example of these combat helmets is the PHG helmet used against poison gases commonly used by aircraft pilots. On the other hand, protective troop helmets are the type of helmets used in emergency situations. They are instrumental in protecting the wearers against any kind of attack, thereby safeguarding his/her life like in the cases of firefighters, SWAT teams and Riot guards.

Remember that accidents can happen anytime which makes it very important to provide ourselves and family utmost protection. This can be done by always wearing any type of helmet like Bell bike helmets whenever it is necessary.

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