Motorcycles - Choosing The Right Tyres

By Mark Walters

Just like an automobile, motorcycles need the appropriate tyres in order to operate at their top efficiency. Also as with automobiles, the right size of the tyre must be selected, or else it will rub and wear down and possibly cause damage to the vehicle. When choosing the right tyres for a motorcycle, there are a few things to keep in mind. What it really all boils down to is deciding what type of rider you are and how you primarily use your motorcycle.

The main question that you must ponder is in what capacity you will be riding on the tyres you buy. Is your bike going to be used primarily for racing, or are over-the-road trips along highways and scenic routes in order? It is possible that you prefer to go off road and hit the dirt trails. Based on the type of predominant riding you will perform, you must select a type of tyre. Manufacturers design tyres with particular purposes in mind, and the route you take will depend on whether you are looking to get as much mileage out of the tyre as possible, or whether you want the best performance you can get.

If you plan on taking leisurely cruises more often than not, then a maximum life tyre would be better suited for your motorcycle. Racing bikes will usually employ rounder tyres to increase turning capabilities; however, the lifetime of the tyre is sacrificed. For example, a racing tyre with a rounder profile might only last 2,000 miles, whereas a road tyre that is built for life might stick around for nearly 20,000 miles.

It is recommended that you purchase tyres that are true to the stock tyres, regardless of the kind of riding that the motorcycle will experience. There is sometimes a mindset that encourages fashion over function, and oversized tyres are placed on a bike. This is unwise, because the ride will be unbalanced and steering is more difficult. Though different tyres might fall under the same size, it is possible that the profiles will vary, even when within the same brand. Be sure that the tyre is stock.

Choosing the right tyres for a motorcycle is all about purpose. Think of where you will be riding your bike and how often you will be on it. The kind of track conditions, whether they be dirt or asphalt, will go a long way toward determining the kind of tyre you buy. Once you have settled on the prevalent usage of the motorcycle, it is time to find a tyre that will accommodate your riding habits.

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