Should You Purchase A Car At A Car Show?

By Owen Jones

If you go to a car show, expect to become impressed. After all, that is the whole purpose of putting on the show in the first place. Having said that, you will also see excellent, if not the best, examples of four-wheeled vehicles. However, the question is: should you buy a car at a car show?

Well, that is not a simple question to answer, because it depends on you and the circumstances. It is never a wise idea to buy on a whim, but if you see something that you have really been searching for for some time, then you may have to buy it there and then or wait a long time to get another opportunity.

What do they recommend? Never go shopping whilst you are hungry? The same saying could be applied to this situation and the outlay will definitely be hundreds if not thousands of times more than a cart full of shopping.

Basically, the criterion is: do you really know what the car is worth? The owner of the car will know what the car is worth and he or she will also know that you are seeing the car in the best light. The owner will also have paid to enter the show, the cost of which will also be added to the price of the car.

Therefore, if you are purchasing something special like a custom car, then you will probably be paying a premium at a car show, but if you are purchasing a stock car, you may be more likely to get a discount. So in general, a car show is likely to be dearer, the more specialized the car.

This means that you need more information, the more specialized the car is that you want to purchase. Anyone with enough money can buy a Ford Prius straight off the production line, you only have to look in the Ford catalogue and look up the list price, but who knows the price or value of a customized, hand-made 1968 Morgan 2-Plus-2?

There will be other problems at a car show as well. The owner of the car might be quite busy talking to people about the car. Enthusiasts will have lots of questions concerning the car's engine capacity, coachwork and age et cetera, so you might find it difficult to get any attention. The other thing is that you will not be able to take the vehicle for a test drive whilst it is at the show.

You might find that the owner does not really take you seriously. This is almost certainly because he or she meet dozens of 'tyre kickers' each month. Everybody wants to know the answers to questions such as: how long did it take to do that? How much did it cost to do that? How much is the car worth? Is the car for sale?

You will absolutely not be the first to pose these questions. The owner has heard it all before. If you are serious, get some contact details, take some photos and promise to be in touch after the show. Use the time you have left to do some study and find out whether you have a good deal on your hands or whether you just had a narrow escape.

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