Snooper Sat Nav

By Owen Jones

The Snooper Sat Nav system also has the capability of detecting fixed and mobile speed traps using GPS/GPRS technology. Portable Snooper sat nav devices also come with additional features such as speed camera detector technology, multi-routing, TMC, Bluetooth and Navteq street level mapping.

Snooper sat nav devices have been at the vanguard of this technology for more than thirty years. The global database of speed traps that Snooper sat nav uses is updated all day, every day of the week.

Snooper sat nav stands for Snooper satellite navigation and refers to the system whereby a GPS or global positioning system radio transmitter/receiver communicates with overhead satellites to pinpoint the accurate position of your vehicle to an accuracy of one metre.

Satellite navigation devices have been used by pilots of aircraft and boats and ships for decades, but the sat nav equipment is now cheap enough for car owners to have it installed in their vehicles too.

Snooper sat nav has been at the forefront of this technology for a long time. The Snooper sat nav databases have fantastic, up-to-date road maps, which have been marked with all the landmarks that people find useful. These include historical monuments and buildings, churches, restaurants, hotels and pubs.

However, the Snooper sat nav system goes one step further than this by adding in known positions of speed traps, so that you are alerted when you approach a speed trap. The Snooper sat nav speed trap database is being constantly updated for all of its road maps all around the world.

If you have never used sat nav, you have a surprise in store. The most common way to use devices like Snooper sat nav, is to type in two or more way-points. A way-point is a position that you would like to pass through. Obviously, the two vital way-points are your beginning position and your destination.

However, you can add others. For example, you may know that you are passing close by a particularly beautiful church, a very good restaurant or your old Aunty Bessie. If you put in that address too as a way-point, Snooper sat nav will make certain that the path to your destination passes that address.

The next choice to make is whether you want to go the scenic road or the fastest route. Then you have the opportunity to save these way-points for future reference.

It is that simple. As you motor down the road, a voice will keep you informed of what you have to do next: eg, take the next left turn in 200 metres; take the third left at the round-about.

If you make a mistake, the Snooper sat nave will recalculate your path in seconds and put you back on the correct course. If this is not possible, it will tell you to turn around and it will take over from there.

Sat nav systems are a godsend to drivers. No more struggling with maps, pulling over to ask the way or arguing with your spouse and a advantage with Snooper sat nav devices is that they warn you about speed traps as well.

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