Steps In Winterize Outboard Motor Maintenance

By James Bennett

Boat owners will need to perform an annual winterize outboard motor job. You will find crucial steps to take in order to defend the engine more than the winter period of idleness.

It really is essential to keep and follow the owner's manual. Kinds of lubricants, steps of maintenance, and varieties of replacement parts is going to be clearly specified and extremely valuable. The warranty may also need the use of distinct merchandise.

If you run your boat in salt or brackish water, you'll need to flush the unit with freshwater. You'll find special kits made for this purpose that attach to the cooling method. You have to let the unit idle slowly as directed to flush all the corrosive salt. Only really significant motors have radiators, which must be kept full of antifreeze just like a car engine.

When powering up for the last time, add a fuel conditioner as directed to the gas tank. When the boat is placed in storage, the fuel tank as well as the carburetor should be empty. The tank can be drained by removing the drain plug or taking off a line.

To drain the carburetor, the fuel is shut off and also the engine allowed to run until it dies. This shows that the last bit of fuel has been burned and the carburetor is empty.

Get rid of the spark plug or plugs and put a modest amount of oil into each hole. Turn the flywheel by hand to allow the oil to run down inside the cylinder walls. Replace the plugs with only hand tightening. This is actually a good time to check for loose screws, nuts, and bolts and perhaps touch up the paint on the cowling.

Polishing the unit using a soft cloth will soak up spills and spread a protective layer of rust preventing oil over all metal parts. The battery, if any, needs to be stored separately having a full charge, generating sure that the cells are filled to the correct level to hold the charge.

The winterize outboard motor drill is the time to clean and restore your engine to excellent working order although protecting it from the elements until the sun shines warm once again.

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